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Amazing DIY skincare products

Hey girls, in this video I am sharing with you some DIY beauty ideas and recipes that will make your skin glow.
– You can make your own face mask using orange peels. You simply grind them all together, add one scoop of honey and then turmeric powder, curd, and rose water.
– You can make your own natural tanner using cucumber, a lemon slice, and some rose water.
– To remove freckles from your skin you can grind some dandelion leaves and water. Then you take that liquid and you rub your face with it using a cotton pad.
– To remove oily skin, pour some watermelon juice in an ice tray and freeze it. Then you simply massage your face with the ice-cubes and voila.
– To remove annoying little pimples, you’ll need a banana, some lemon juice, and baking soda. This mask is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory so it will benefit your skin a lot. You can apply it 3 times every week.
– You can make your own purple shampoo using basil juice and shampoo.

0:07 – Amazing skincare mask using natural ingredients
0:59 – How to even out your tan
1:44 – How to naturally get rid of hyper-pigmentation
2:35 – Get rid of oily skin – face mask
4:34 – How to get rid of pimples
5:21 – How to get rid of dark skin on your armpits
6:13 – How to make your own purple shampoo
6:54 – How to get rid of split ends
7:23 – Genius Makeup hacks
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