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Cool makeup tutorials for beginner artists

If your eyeliner dried out, or you’ve just run out, you can use some watercolor pencils to do your makeup. Simply, soak them in a glass filled with water, and then apply on your eyelid just as I show you in the video. You can also do that with a red watercolor pencil and use it as a lipliner.
To give your eyes a more eccentric look, simply add a line of concealer like your do with your eyeliner and then tap some colorful eyeshadow on top.
To make your eyebrows look neat, simply apple some lip balm on them and then comb them through using a mascara wand.
I also show you an easy nail tutorial you can try to achieve a gradient effect. First, pick the nail polish of your choice, and then tap some clear nail polish of that to drag it down from the opposite direction.

1:14 – Adorable hair trick you should try
1:52 – Genius concealer trick
3:02 – Cute curls using tights
4:04 – How to contour your face
6:33 – DIY natural-looking freckles
8:28 – DIY high coverage foundation
9:41 – How to remove dark undereye circles
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