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19 Amazing Makeup Hacks You Should Know / Beauty Hacks

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Every girl wants to be beautiful! Here are the top makeup hacks that will change your life! Our Oki Toki tricks will help you become a better makeup pro.

Supplies and tools:
• Bobby pin
• Hot glue gun
• Rhinestones
• Elastic thread
• Beads
• Pump dispenser
• Hand cream
• Cosmetics
• Skewer
• Marker
• Pliers
• Distilled water
• Tableware
• Micellar water
• Scissors
• Pigment
• Aloe Vera gel
• Glitter
• Argan oil
• Sieve
• Liquid soap
• Brush
• Coconut oil
• Alcohol
• Modelling tool
• Baking cup
• Stencil
• Pencil
• Lip gloss container

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