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Girls, you should totally watch this video as it is full of beauty facts that you need to know. We reveal beauty secrets that will change your life completely. The first and very important skin care fact is that you should always apply face cream before foundation. Face cream moisturizes your skin and also protects pores from pollution. Besides, you will spend less time washing out your makeup. We asked makeup artist what is the best tool to apply foundation to achieve the high-level finish. Most of them agree that sponge is the best makeup tools. For example, it’s very hard to apply foundation with your fingers in a way that looks natural. Watch our video and you will find an example that shows that the combination of concealer and primer will make your skin look flawless. Moreover, we checked how much oil different kinds of foundation contains. Foundation for dry skin contains the largest amount of oil.
The next experiment we share shows how different shampoos and egg protein affect dyed hair. There are 3 glasses with regular shampoo, shampoo for color-treated hair and glass with egg protein. The result is that egg protein helps to maintain color and strengthen dyed hair. Also, we checked eyeliner. Eyeliner covered with hair spray is waterproof.
As a bonus, you will find crazy beauty recipes that will teach you how to dye your hair with beetroot juice, how to get rid of scars using natural ingredients, how to make lip gloss at home and many more ideas you will love!

00:09 Top beauty secrets
00:25 How to perfectly apply foundation
00:48 Best treatment for dyed hair
06:38 Homemade lip gloss
08:09 Gentle scrub for lips

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