Makeup Hacks


Amazing makeup life hacks for girls to try

You can use a Q-tip and fold it in the middle to create small tongs that will help you remove your contact lenses.
Coat your lashes with Vaseline before applying mascara to make them look fuller and longer. Also, warm up your eyelash curler to make your whole makeup look pop and your lashes to look flirtier.
If there’s a bunch of glitters stuck to your face or your clothes, you can easily remove them with some tape.
You can turn an ordinary necklace into an elegant headband that will your outfit a more stylish look. You simply need to attach an elastic hair-band at the end and voila.
I also show you some cool tricks that will help you get ready in the morning. For example, you can part your hair in two sections, twist them and use a flat iron to achieve large loose curls.
You can also use tape to achieve the perfect winged liner without having to struggle to get it straight on both eyes.

1:12 – DIY hair mask with rice and coconut
2:04 – How to fix over-grown nail polish
2:56 – Amazing eyebrow hack
3:55 – Super quick makeup hacks
6:00 – The perfect winged liner
7:57 – How to color match your foundation
11:11 – Beautiful makeup look with just one color
12:369 – DIY adjustable brush


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