Makeup Hacks


Brilliant makeup tutorials for the summer

In this video, I am sharing with you some amazing lipstick hacks that will change your makeup routine for the better.
– I show you how to contour your lips using lipstick to give them more dimension and make them pop.
– You can use different color changing lipsticks to give your lips a gradient effect for your glam makeup.
– To achieve a cartoon makeup look, apply your lipstick and then use your eyeliner to outline your lips or you can use your eyeliner to draw little circles and give your makeup a leopard pattern look.
– If you don’t have a lipstick color, you can create your own by applying clear lipbalm on your lips and then an eyeshadow color of your choice.
– You can create your own tinted body serum using baby oil and shimmery eyeshadow.

0:07 – Beautiful lipstick ideas
3:29 – How to achieve the cartoon lips
4:08 – Leopard lips pattern
6:14 – How to make your eyes look bigger
9:40 – DIY waterproof lipstick
11:17 – DIY makeup remover
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