Makeup Hacks


​Genius makeup hacks you should do at least once

For the brave girls who would like to take their makeup skills to the next level, we created these video makeup tutorial compilation for you.
– If you have a lot of fly-aways, you can pin your hair back using some chapstick.
– To make your eyelashes look flawless, cut them in section and then apply them on your lashline with the one overlapping the other.
– We show you how to make temporary natural looking freckles using henna.
– When color matching your foundation, make sure you are swatching it on your neck rather on your arms.

0:07 – Easy makeup tricks you have to try
2:06 – Genius makeup hacks
5:06 – Henna freckles
6:43 – Make up using only one product
8:25 – How to make your own mascara
10:29 – Amazing travel hacks
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