5 Appointments That Are Impossible to Book Anytime Soon

The world may be slowly starting to emerge from lockdown in places, but that doesn’t mean life as we remember it will return to normal anytime soon.

As it pertains to your healthcare needs and desires, there are many appointments and procedures, all non-elective, that institutions like the CDC and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) continue to recommend you postpone indefinitely well into the future—regardless of how much you miss them (and how much you’re dying to return them to your routine).

If you’re curious about what they are, read on—because here are five appointments you definitely can’t book right now and likely well into the future (even if you wanted to!).

We all know it’s a stressful time. But if you’re dying to squeeze in a session of everyone’s favorite therapeutic treatment involving needles stuck in your skin, know that acupuncture is considered “tier 1” by the CMS, which means it’s considered a “low acuity treatment or service” on par with a routine doctor’s checkup. In other words: You should “postpone service.”

female patient being examined by dentist

Want to sneak out of quarantine to get your teeth cleaned? Good luck. The White House guidelines, the CMS, the American Dental Association, and the American Dental Hygienists association are all aligned that that all non-emergency and non-essential dental exams “be postponed until further notice.”

And even if you were to book a non-emergency appointment in the weeks ahead, you shouldn’t take the risk—for your sake and for your hygienist’s. The Department of Labor says that dental workers are easily among the most at-risk workers of contracting COVID-19 (and, as Vice reports, they’re finding their jobs utterly terrifying). And for more advice you can use to navigate the coronavirus, make sure you know the 10 Signs Your Partner Has COVID-19.

Per the CDC, surgeons are forgoing all nonurgent and cosmetic procedures during the coronavirus pandemic. As Vanity Fair reports, these rules are worrisome to the “injectable set” who require routine botox maintenance.

Doctor's Hand Measuring Blood Pressure Of Male Patient.

It should go without saying, but your yearly physical with your GP definitely still considered nonessential—and will be indefinitely as hospitals struggle to contain the coronavirus.

Are you serious?! And for more things you shouldn’t do, don’t miss these 30 Worst Habits When You’re Stuck Indoors.

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