Makeup Hacks

8 Useful Beauty Hacks and other MakeUp Secrets for Busy Girls

Prevent common beauty blunders with these creative makeup tips. Prolong the life of your cosmetics with our simple DIY beauty hacks. Learn how to have a smoother, less messy eyeshadow experience. Along with a tutorial on how to create stunning lips for your selfie photos using a contouring pencil and a useful tip to stop those flawless lips from leaving awkward kiss marks.

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1:42 How to Take a Perfect Selfie
3:51 Hacks to Extend The Life of Your Cosmetics
5:11 How a Guy should Clean Up in the Bathroom
6:28 Creative Princess MakeUp
7:02 Stop a Messy Eyeshadow Routine
7:37 Add a Rainbow Twist to Your Lips
8:29 Avoid Kiss Marks at All Times!
9:18 Last Minute Greasy Hair Fix

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