Here Are Your Chances of Catching COVID-19, State by State

With coronavirus outbreaks happening in a state near you—if not your own—you are likely wondering about how dangerous it is out there. The data crunchers from—who compiled from key sources like WHO and the Bing COVID Tracker—have calculated a “Risk Factor” for each state. “Risk levels are calculated based on daily cases per 100,000 population (7 day rolling average),” says the organization. Here’s your risk factor per state, from most risky (that’d be “red”) to least risky (that’d be “green”).

Tucson, Arizona

Arizona has nearly 80,000 cases and 1,645 deaths.

Miami, Florida

Florida has 152,000 cases and 3,504 deaths.

Jackson, Mississippi, USA skyline over the Capitol Building.

Mississippi has 27,248 cases and 1,073 deaths.

Historical downtown area of Charleston, South Carolina, USA at twilight.

South Carolina has 36,399 cases and 739 deaths.

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA downtown skyline on the Arkansas River.

Arkansas has 20,777 cases and 270 deaths.

Pubs and bars with neon lights in the French Quarter, New Orleans USA

Louisiana has 58,203 cases and 3,221 deaths.

Nevada has 18,582 cases and 507 deaths.

Texas has 167,000 cases and 2,482 deaths.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA downtown skyline.

Georgia has 77,280 cases and 2,758 deaths.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah has 22,364 cases and 172 deaths.

Alabama has 38,045 cases and 950 deaths.

Bixby Bridge (Rocky Creek Bridge) and Pacific Coast Highway at sunset near Big Sur in California, USA.

California has 232,000 cases and 6,083 deaths.

north carolina

North Carolina has 65,062 cases and 1,362 deaths.

Des Moines Iowa skyline and public park in USA

Iowa has 29,152 cases and 717 deaths.

Sun Valley, Idaho

Idaho has 6,124 cases and 92 deaths.

Neon signs at night along Broadway Street in Nashville, Tennessee

Tennessee has 42,815 cases and 597 deaths.

woman with mask walking in nearly empty new york street

These are states that are managing their COVID-19 cases but monitoring them carefully as they move into phases of reopening.

Montpelier, Vermont, USA town skyline in autumn.

Your risk here is relatively low. Vermont has only 1,208 cases and 56 deaths, while Hawaii has seen 901 cases and 18 deaths, and both states have small populations compared to the winder United States.

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