Hourglass Braid Hairstyle Tutorial, Cute Hairstyles

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For our hairstyle tutorial this week, we have combined several braiding techniques: Dutch braids, feather braids, rope braids, and a double twist to create a fun “hour glass” braid hairstyle.

This style would be great for school, sports, and other casual occasions. We love that these braids stayed neatly in place all day when “the Princess” wore this recently.

We have used the double twisting technique featured in the center of this hairstyle several times before in the past, most recently in our “arrow head braid” half up style, which can be found here: We love the pattern the twist made with the rope braids all combining in the center of this style. Of course, If you want to use more than 2 braids on each side, you can definitely make as many as you like. Also, French braids can be utilized instead of Dutch braids if you prefer.

This hairstyle will work best with medium or long hair, curly, wavy, or straight.

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