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I Eat Low-Carb, and I Finally Found the Perfect Keto Oatmeal

It was Thanksgiving my junior year of college. I had a plate of lasagna spilling over the edges — we’re Italian, so lasagna is just the starter course — and I mentioned something about food and weight gain to my older brother. I was an athlete and didn’t understand why I wasn’t ripped. “Well, look at your plate,” he said, pointing to the impressive stack of noodles sliding every which way. I was completely clueless about carbs and protein balance, so he schooled me.

While I’ve never been on a low-carb diet per se or gone completely paleo or Keto, ever since that Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve eaten lower carb. I don’t count them or hold myself to any guidelines, but I’m a burger-no-bun kinda girl. Finding low-carb breakfasts that are on-the-go friendly can be hard (has anyone ever had a good microwaved egg?). But I recently discovered HighKey Snacks Keto Instant Hot Cereal Breakfast ($13) and I’m hooked — one serving comes in at 9 carbs. For breakfast, that’s nothing!

It’s sweetened with monk fruit, and the taste is a little strong for me, so I add a handful of walnuts and blueberries to it to tone down the sweetness (these add carbs, but mot much). The oatmeal is filling the way traditional oatmeal is, but at a fraction of the carbs — most options are well over 35 carbs per serving. If your nutritional needs leave you longing for a low-carb oatmeal, I highly recommend this one.

Best Low-Carb Oatmeal

HighKey Snacks Keto Instant Hot Cereal Breakfast

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