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I Eat Low-Carb, and These Are My 20 Favorite Foods on Amazon

After plenty of trial and error, I’ve discovered that I look and feel my best when I eat a low-carb diet. But, I love bread, cookies, and pasta, so having to deprive myself of those items makes me less than thrilled. I’ve worked hard to find low-carb foods I actually enjoy, and I’m so excited to share them with you. Because I’m all about convenience, every single one of these products is available on Amazon. Yay!

What’s in my cart, you ask? I found kale chips that taste just like the real thing, protein bars that could double as candy bars, and even low-carb cookies. Yes, I said cookies. They’re insane, and I feel totally satisfied, while still eating in a way that’s best for my body. Take a look ahead to shop my picks, and get ready for your healthiest Amazon cart yet.

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