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If You Sit All Day, Unwind Every Tight Muscle With These 12 Expert-Recommended Yoga Poses

Sitting all day does a number on your body. Your hips are tensed and flexed, your back is knotted, your lower body sore and numb. The best thing that I’ve found to relieve all the tightness and soreness (because standing desks can only do so much) is yoga. Melting into a relaxing sequence at the end of the day renews and rejuvenates my whole body. My workouts feel better. Going to work feels better. A little bit of yoga completely refreshes my muscles and my mindset.

If you’re hunched over a computer or a phone all day or stuck shifting around at an uncomfortable desk, these next 12 poses are for you. They’re hand selected by six different yoga teachers as the best possible stretches to relieve the pain and soreness of a sedentary job. Feel free to do each pose one by one or as a sequence, moving slowly and mindfully and modifying as needed. Breathe into the tightness, be patient with your body, and feel your muscles unknot, one by one by one.

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