Spring Nails 3D Acrylic Flowers – Complete Nail Build Tutorial – Prep to Top Coat

Suzie creates a gorgeous set of 3D Acrylic Flowers in this Step by Step Tutorial that covers everything from Prep and Acrylic Application to the intricacies of building the 3D Flowers. This Spring design is also featured in Suzie’s Free Online Magazine.
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Nail Prep
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Files and Buffers
Crystal Dappen Dish
Premium Acrylic Liquid
Premium Kolinsky Acrylic Brush
Premium Stiletto Nail Forms
Pink Premium Acrylic Powder
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Duck Paddle
Clear Premium Acrylic Powder
Coloured Acrylic 116C
Premium Nail Art Brush 3d
Schtik It
Blinger Rhinestone Tool
UV/LED No Wipe Top Coat
Video Timecode links:
00:43 Prep
05:20 Acrylic Application
08:31 Shaping
14:23 Top Coat
16:09 Building 4D Flower
21:12 Reveal Photos
30:21 Adhering Flowers and Gems
39:38 Reveals


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05:15 Marrow by Hale
07:05 Marrow by Hale
08:28 SuperFly by AlterEgo
10:58 And Rainclouds by Hale
14:23 Night Shade by Bryant Lowry
16:06 Determination by PALA
17:12 Trusting by Fey Foxx
24:43 Morning Sun by Alice In Winter
28:01 Bluish Bear by Hale
29:05 Games by GARDNR
33:22 Heartbeat by Fey Foxx
37:44 Paperboy by Matt Wigton
38:43 California by Finn’s Fandango
40:03 Blue Beach by PALA

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