Taco Bell and Diff Eyewear’s Collection Is Here to Heat Up Your Summer

If you get as excited about scarfing down a Taco Bell taco as do when you buy a pair of sunglasses, I have some news for you: Taco Bell is releasing its own line of sunnies.

Hear me out: Taco Bell is teaming up with Diff Charitable Eyewear, a company that helps to “give the gift of sight” by offering eye exams, glasses, medicine or surgery to someone in need, for a five-piece collection of fresh, summer styles. The collection includes quirky designs like Diff’s signature Sawyer glasses—with blue-light technology to protect eyes from the damaging effects of too much screen exposure—which have been updated with Taco Bell’s hot sauce packet print (or you can keep it simple with the black version). Or take your #HotGirlSummer up a notch with the Luka sunnies that actually have “Hot” written on each eye.





“You know the feeling when you pull your first taco or crunch wrap out of the bag, pour an entire packet of hot sauce all over it, and close your eyes as you take your first bite?” DIFF co-founder Chad Jernigan told Bustle. “That incredible tingly feeling is something that a huge percentage of the US population can relate to. When we were looking for a partner to make a big splash with this summer, Taco Bell constantly came up as a brand that is both energetic and free spirited, and perfect for this collection.”

The collection is priced between $85-95 and is available for purchase now at Diff Eyewear’s official site. Shop the full collection below.

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