This Super Cute Barrette Will Intimidate Your Enemies

At the premiere of her new horror film, Child’s Play, Aubrey Plaza tucked her hair behind her ear with a creepy little knife barrette. I must thank the actress for introducing us to this ~killer~ hair accessory, which is extremely my shit.

Chef’s Knife Hair Clip


It’s a dark departure from the snap clips trend we started seeing in 2018. After New York Fashion Week this spring, suddenly everyone was wearing bejeweled barrettes that said things “Anxiety” and “Feelings.” The knife barrette says, “My anxious feels have given way to full-throated rage.” Or maybe it just says, “I listen to My Favorite Murder!” It’s a versatile barrette.



The statement piece is for sale, here on Vinca. “Just don’t wear it to the airport!” the site warns. One customer’s review: “I can’t go out without someone saying “OMG is that a knife in your hair?” Which, fair.

Premiere Of Orion Pictures And United Artists Releasing's "Child's Play" - Arrivals

Jon KopaloffGetty Images

Looking for more macabre hair accessories? You could try these skeleton hands, advertised as “not just for Halloween,” this bow featuring Freddy Krueger’s knifed glove on it, or these hair scissors that look a lot like the shears from Us (a movie we still have a lot of lingering questions about).

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