Twisted Edge Fishtail Braid, Hair Tutorial

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Our video tutorial this week is a fun variation of the ever popular and trendy fishtail braid, which we are calling the “twisted edge fishtail.”

The basic idea and inspiration for this braid came from a combination of several techniques which we have shown in past videos: A “feather braid” a “scallop braid” and of course, a “fishtail braid.” Unlike the scallop braid (which can be found here: we chose to remove just one strand at a time from the fishtail, while keeping these strands close to the original braid as they are added back in. This is what creates the twisted pattern along both sides of the braid.

This braid tends to hold up very well and would be perfect for school, work, sports, and other occasions. If you so desire, this braid can be wrapped up into a bun, forming a beautiful patterned updo.

Like most fishtails, this braid is a little more time consuming than some braids, but not too bad. I would plan on about 5-8 minutes to complete your braided ponytail (although this will depend largely upon the length of hair you are working with.)

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