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Your Gym Membership Is Old News — Create Your Own Gym For $250 on Amazon

Gym memberships are wonderful. They give you access to kick-butt equipment like the Stairmaster, kettlebells, and stability balls. But these memberships can be costly on your bank account. Even apps like Zeamo and FlexIt, which can cut the cost by letting you pay per minute at a wide range of facilities (in FlexIt’s case) and purchase discounted passes while traveling (in Zeamo’s case), might not be suitable for some people. Enter home workouts.

Finding the right equipment for your home can be hard. So, we wanted to help you out and give you a good place to start — the basics, if you will. Ahead, check out seven pieces of equipment that will bring the gym to you. Together, they total under $250, and instead of paying a recurring fee, you’ll get to spend the money one time until you, perhaps, want to add more to your personalized gym (we wouldn’t blame you). No, this list doesn’t include a Stairmaster — those are definitely on the expensive side (see?). And no, you don’t have to buy all of these if you don’t want to, but the following picks are great for building strength, perfecting stability, and training like a true fitness warrior.

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